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Tourism in Sri Lanka

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Tourism In Sri Lanka Essays

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Development of Tourism in Sri Lanka

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The Sri Lankan Tourism Development Authority and the Hotel school proposed skill-training project in order to uplift the skill level would play a vital role with regard to training aspect. On going mega development projects launched under the ministries of Nation building, Economic development and central bank will gives an added advantage for the fulfillment of the vision.

Regular presentations on Sri Lanka are made to major tour operators and travel agents in the form of seminars and workshops to educate and inform them about tourism in Sri Lanka and to induce them to sell Sri Lanka by offering tour programs.

SRI LANKA A DESTINATION FOR TRAVEL AND TOURISM Tourist arrivals through the years Over the years Sri Lanka has been a tourist attraction. The tourism industry in Sri Lanka has gone through an up and down road mostly due to the instability of the country.

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Development Of Travel and leisure In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay

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Tourism industry is under the Ministry of Tourism. Four sections of it are; Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (formed in by replacing Sri Lanka Tourist Board which was established in ), Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Sri Lanka Institute of Hotel Management and Sri Lanka Convention Bureau.

Tourism in Sri Lanka. Winner: Tourism is a very popular industry in the entire world. Today tourism is a fast developing industry even in Sri Lanka.

Develop tourism in sri lanka essay
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Development Of Tourism In Sri Lanka Tourism Essay