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Although you might gesture at this question in your introduction, the fullest answer to it properly belongs at your essay's end. If you leave it out, your readers will experience your essay as unfinished—or, worse, as pointless or insular.

Sometimes, students get so involved working on the main body of their paper they forget that how to end an essay is equally important. That is exactly why so many of them lose precious points on the final part of their academic assignments – even when the intro and the body were very impressive.

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I thought that the D.A.R.E. program was extremely educational and a lot of fun.

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1st thing that I learned in D.A.R.E. Although alcohol is a legal substance, I learned that it has many negative, and harmful, side-effects.

The works cited section goes on a new page after the end of your essay. Put the text "Works Cited" at the top center of the page.

Generally the woks cited should include the name of the author, the name of the article used (if applicable), the name of the publication, the city of publication, and the year of publication of all the references.

The thesis statement should generally come at the end of the Introductory Paragraph. If you are writing about a particular book, author, or event, you should name it (in entirety) in the thesis statement.

The Book Thief Analysis Essay Words | 3 Pages. Takara Taylor July 18, AP Literature Essay The Book Thief Haunted By Symbols Through all of the irony and vivid coloring, The Book Thief is more easily understood after acquiring knowledge of reading literature with greater care and meticulousness.

End book essay
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